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All Posters Free Shipping December 2021

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Shipping Policy For All Posters

Shipping Policy
All posters offer a variety of free shipping offers, and use some different shipping service providers to deliver their orders within the specified time frame. Buyers can choose between standard delivery, accelerated delivery and overnight delivery, depending on how soon they want their posters. Their prices depend on the type of delivery chosen and the region where the poster will be delivered.

Types of shipping
All posters are sent to all 50 states and buyers can choose between three types of shipping available: standard, accelerated and overnight. In addition, All Posters also makes international shipments unless the package size is too large for customs inspection in a particular country. In these cases, the order is canceled immediately and the full amount is reimbursed to the buyer.
They also offer different types of packaging for their different products. Art prints and posters are sent in a tube, tapestries, prints and laminated posters are sent in a heavy duty heavy tube and tin signs, t-shirts, calendars, magnets, note cards and the photos are sent in a large envelope. They also use boxes for larger items such as foot clippings, items that are framed or assembled, tarpaulins, mirrors and frames. For large tubes and envelopes, All Posters charges extra and the cost of packaging increases as shorter shipping times are selected.
Their processing times for different items are also different: made-up items, such as posters and T-shirts, are processed within 24 hours, but prints of special orders, items that need to be assembled and framed, and canvases can take up to 2 hours. weeks in processing. They send their articles together, so if a combination of items is requested, the entire package will be processed in the time it takes to process the item that takes the most time.
The standard delivery must add 3 to 7 business days to this processing time, the accelerated delivery is added from 2 to 4 days and the delivery from one day to the next delivers the item 1 day after processing. These times apply only to deliveries within the 48 continental states of the United States. International deliveries depend on the inspection times of the customs agencies and the delivery schedules of suppliers abroad that can be added to the delivery schedule.
How does the shipping code work?
Free shipping is only available during certain promotional periods during the year and to those subscribed to the newsletter. All posters will be offered shipping codes to enter at the time of departure. You can also find coupon codes for free shipping of all online posters. Otherwise, shipping fees are charged and can be found on your website.
Where does the merchant ship come from?
All posters are sent to all states within the United States. This includes American Samoa, Federated States of Micronesia, Guam, Marshall Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, United States Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Palau.
In addition, they are also sent to international destinations, but some countries have limits on the size of packages that can be shipped internationally, so these orders will be canceled and the money will be refunded. All the free shipping codes on the posters do not always apply to international locations.
Return Policy
All posters offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee so that buyers can return items within 30 days for any reason. You can complete a return request form that can be found on the website and All Posters will offer a full refund within 3 days, but not for shipping costs.
If the item arrives damaged, buyers should only take a photograph and send the photo form on the website. They can request a refund or a replacement. These photos are processed in a few days and the buyer will receive a refund or refund based on the evidence provided. This type of return may not be available for some items such as clothing. In these cases, the buyer must mail the item for a refund or replacement.